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2007 Fender USA Stratocaster VG Custom, Olympic White SOLD

This is, indeed, a very special customised guitar based upon the USA-made Fender VG modelling Stratocaster. Alder body with three-ply white scratchplate carrying three Fender Custom Shop Abigail Ybarra signed pick-ups (an upgrade from standard). Five way selector switch. One tone and one volume control plus the two knobs controlling the modelling options and the tuning options. Maple neck with Indian Rosewood fingerboard. Tuners upgraded to Gotoh Delta 501 with 21:1 ratio. All hardware is upgraded to gold-plated and is genuine Fender replacement (except the Gotoh tuners, of course). The body has been refinished in lightly aged Olympic White by Rob Williams (the UK maker of extremely fine electric guitars). The condition is excellent apart form one ding on the upper treble bout side (see picture) which I do not recall doing but it is there!). With tweed hard case. The Fender VG modelling on this guitar gives options for sounding like a Stratocaster, Telecaster, Humbuckers or Acoustic. The N setting offers the normal sound of the guitar's Abigail Ybarra Custom Shop pick-ups direct with no modelling. The tuning control knob offers Normal (concert pitch), drop D, open G, DADGAD, Baritone tuning, or 12 string. In the acoustic mode, the five-way selector offers choices which model five different types of acoustic sound including resonator. Both acoustic and electric 12-string can be dialled-in as well. There is no excuse for not having the right sound in any given situation with this guitar. No more constantly swapping guitars at gigs! This guitar, because of my personal upgrades, is completely unique. Oh, and it was used by me to record the DC & The Topcats album 'Tails in the Air.' Irresistible, eh? SOLD


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2007 Fender USA Stratocaster VG Custom, Olympic White SOLD
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